Get started with Megamillions

What is the Mega Millions draw?

The Mega Millions draw was started on August 31 in the year 1996. Sometime after its launch, the mega millions lottery game has reached new heights. It became a very nice game. The Mega Millions draw became the most successful and popular lottery game all around America. At the initial level, the mega millions draw was started in six states, viz Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Virginia. People found this game very exciting and amazing. After its launch, this game was on the path of becoming the most successful game in history.

When can you play the Megamillions draw?

Megamillions offers two chances to the people to play it in a week. Every Tuesday and Friday, you can play this amusing game exactly at 11:00 PM EST. According to your local time zone, the days will be Wednesday and Saturday at 08:30 AM. There are different jackpots in the megamillions draw. You can also see the minimum and maximum amount of jackpot that the great megamillions draw has made.

How can you play Megamillions draw?

The megamillions draw is very easy to play. There is no big deal in it. Just follow the steps which are mentioned further, and you’ll understand all about it.

Let’s get started with how to play the megamillions lottery game. You have to select five numbers from a grid which has numbers from 1-70. Then you have to pick a megaball. A megaball means you have to select one extra number from the range 1-25. So, now there will be total six numbers in a single line of the grid. You can also pick all six numbers with a single click.  If all your five regular numbers and one extra megaball number match, that means you have won the mega millions jackpot. Congratulations!

How can you purchase Megamillions?

Don’t worry! You can buy Megamillions online entries. There’s no need to go in person. All you need a Xo Lotto account.

1.         Sign up for your Xo Lotto account. If you don’t have an account, then you can easily create one.

2.        Head to the Megamillions game page.

3.        Pick the numbers you like and click “Play Now”

That’s all. Now you are ready to play the amazing Megamillions lottery game and can win exciting prizes and jackpots. Playing megamillions game on Xo Lotto platform is completely safe. There’s no need to worry about it. It’s a completely trusted platform.



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